a party-series for underground electronix 1996-2000


The younger history of Augsburg's Subcultures is a list of party-series and clubs, which didn't survive more than some years. Some examples: 1982-88 there was a lively Punk and Independent Scene (location: "Siedlerhof"), end of the 80's there were Acid-House Parties and plenty of gigs with bands from the international Hardcore-Scene (club: "Bootleg"). After that there were infrequent Underground Hip-Hop Parties (until 1992/93 at different locations: Ostwerk, Loch, Loft, PowWow, Schlachthof, Wellenburg). From 1994-1996 there took place a House Party-Series called "Garten Eden", which presented different styles of Underground House Music (club: "Kerosin"). "Garten Eden" was just going down end of 1996, when "Elektrik Nacht" started at "Blauer Salon" (originally an alternative theatre).

Founded and started was "Elektrik Nacht" by BiBi, a music-, vinyl- and party-freak. His idea was to arrange a monthly party for electronic music lovers, who want to visit a relaxed place with a non-commercial character. The "Elektrik Nacht" crew wanted to feature different styles of electronic music, not only one special style. With DJ Bloodfire a.k.a. Slick Rogers (roots: NewWave, Industrial) and DJ Greg Gravity (roots: Acid, Elektronica, Wave) there were two residents DJ's, who were able to serve different tastes and to create an exciting crossover between Oldschool and Newschool Electro, Acid, Detroit Techno and some other related styles. TecRoc was the third resident-artist at "Elektrik Nacht". With his regular live-performances, he attracted lots of Elektro-Freaks to come to "Elektrik Nacht". To keep it fresh, there appeared also different local guest-DJ's. Once in a while special guests (dj's, vj's, live performers) from beyond Augsburg were invited as well, but due to the limited budget this couldn't be done often. In 2000 "Elektrik Nacht" had to end for different reasons, but its crew stayed alive and busy. In fall 2000 Beta Evers, who had worked as an occasional special-booker for "Blauer Salon", founded a new project: Kommando 6. There the Ex-"Elektrik Nacht" crew continues to make music...

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